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"Oh, yeah! It was great here, too." She giggled at that."Yeah," I said lightly, with the big smile still on my face. "You know, you owe me two."I walked up to the bar with an empty glass, making it look clear that I wanted another drink. I stood at the bar just a little apart from Cassidy and her two admirers, and waited for the bartender to notice me."You're joking!" Tom said with a laugh. "Why, she's still in high school. I could get in trouble for that.""That's why I want you to go out with some of my friends," Kelly said plaintively. "They'd fuck you in a heartbeat and then we could talk about it.""No..." he managed.Kent was trying to outmaneuver my wife. He shoved all the chairs to block the path between the table and the window, and then ran around the other side. He caught the hem of her towel as she tried climbing over the chairs. Anne clutched tightly at the towel as he peeled it away from her. Jan and I watched in amusement as he dragged her further into the living room. Each had an end of the towel, Kent with one hand, Anne with both. Anne planted her feet and pulled with all her might. Kent suddenly let go his end, sending her sprawling backward into a plush recliner. She landed in the seat on her back, her legs splayed in the air. Before she could recover, Kent was on her, his mouth clamped over her pussy. Anne giggled and tried halfheartedly to push him away.His cock was hard, but that was just because she was stroking it. Right? "Mm-mmh!" he managed, shaking his head. The mug followed his movements, staying at his lips.

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"Oh, I don't think we have anything to worry about," Doug said softly. "Look at that."I winked at her then closing my eyes released a soft sigh of my own as I took my time enjoying Doug's long thick cock. I began bobbing my head in a slow steady rhythm and as I did could feel Jenna's eyes on me. A moment later more than her eyes were on me and I moaned around Doug's hard flesh as Jenna's fingers found my right nipple. I heard Doug moan louder and opened my eyes to see that Jenna was massaging his balls as she played with my nipple. Sliding Doug's cock for my mouth, I said, "I guess you have watched a few videos!"I saw him place his thumb on her clit and Jenna cooed in delight and I felt her body relax between us. I looked over at Doug and after kissing her nipple started sliding down the bed. I let my tongue slide along her stomach and saw her watching me a look of anticipation on her face. Across from me, Doug was doing the same thing and as he stopped, teasing his tongue along the swelling of her pubic mound, I slid down between her legs.It did not tickle. It did not move. It didn't even rest there; it just touched the clit once, then left."And you'll be working hard, sitting here watching me take all the risk?" I rolled my eyes.She pushed me onto my back, straddled my waist, and with her hand, guiding my cock into her very tight, very wet pussy. My wife put on a rather erotic show for our hosts, tossing her hair and riding me enthusiastically. Kent obviously thought this looked like a good idea, and maneuvered his wife onto the rug beside me. Kent lifted Janet's ankles to his shoulders, and penetrated her receptive pussy in one practiced movement. Kent and Anne fucked Janet and I side by side for several long minutes. Several times they leaned towards one another, exchanging passionate kisses between them. Jan and I held hands, watching them.
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"Yes, you most definitely do," John agreed, grinning at her."I do." I nodded and reached out, gently brushing a strand of red hair from her face. "I'm Kim, by the way."I eventually realized I was being an idiot. I had fantasized about Cassidy blowing me, dreamed about it, wished for it. And now it was happening right in front of me! Her long, fiery red hair hung over her face, hiding most of what was happening, but it was still a dream to watch her locks tumbled back and forth while her wet mouth suckled on my cock. She suckled noisily and hummed as her wet cheeks slid up and down my throbbing pole. Cassidy looked up and me from beneath her hair, her tongue swirling again around my cock head and she held just the tip of my cock between her full lips. She smiled when her blue eyes met mine."Well, you're the swingers, here." She waved towards Anne and I. "What's the etiquette in this situation?" She nodded at the basket."Hello, John," he said. "And hello, Kelly," he said, taking her hand and leading her off the elevator. "You look very nice tonight, Kelly. Would you like something to drink before we go into my office area?""Me too," John agreed. "Night, mom," he said, kissing her on the cheek. God he was thinking their mother looked as good as Kelly, and his cock started getting hard again just thinking about it."But what about Mr. Henderson?" he asked. "He'll be fucking you later."He whispered in her ear: "Your nipples hurt. Massage them with your fingers to see if that eases the pain." The girl slowly moved her hands up to her breasts and squeezed her nipples between thumb and forefinger.

After what seemed like an hour of that play between the four of us, Chris suggested to hit the dance floor to let some of the built up tension subside. The two couples headed to the dance floor with each couple holding hands. We got to the floor and began to dance, Melissa is a very seductive dancer taking opportunities to rub her body against mine. She seductively swayed to and from me and as she moved there were times that her short shirt moved in such a way that it exposed the bottoms of her ass cheek. At one point, she faced me and pulled up the front of her skirt showing me her lovely bald pussy. I wish I could tell you what was happening between Lynn and Chris but I was so taken and focused on Melissa that the only thing I recall about those two were wrapped up in each other’s arms dancing closely together."Really? us too! Wow, small world."Tiffany's tender nether lips began to ache in empathetic response to Buford's story. Tiffany began to wonder whether they really did have a mind of their own."Yeah... I do," I responded honestly."And it turned you on, didn't it?" she asked, her hand closing on his hard cock in his pants. "I'll take care of that when we get home," she promised as they got onto their bicycles."Alright then," he gasped, pulling his cock from her soaked pussy. "Quickly now," he urged, his cock throbbing with excitement as he moved it toward her lips.
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Yes, Ia was pretty sure she had, in fact! She sort of remembered now...I felt movement next to me and saw Doug ease past me and stand behind Jenna. He caught my eye and mouthed, "Goddamn" as he watched us kiss. My attention left Doug when Jenna's tongue pushed against my lips and I opened my mouth to welcome it inside. We both purred softly as her soft wet tongue danced across mine and we began to rock side to side causing our breasts to slide across each other. My nipples had been aching for the last half hour, and I decided it was time there was no clothing between us."Yes, yes—heehee—yes..."He laughed. "My mom never looked like you! Age doesn't matter, hot is hot!"The rivers of pleasure were exploding inside me, flowing through my cock and getting close to overwhelming me. I reached down and gently took a handful of Cassidy's soft, straight, red hair. She did not flinch or move as I wrapped her silky strands around the tip of my member."See, that's why this is going to be great." Without warning, while continuing to talk to me, Cassidy began unbuttoning and unzipping her jeans. "Even just doing it with another person is so much hotter. I rather you, like, even just be in the room and talk dirty to me than try to get off alone."
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By the time I came back to my senses and opened my eyes, Cassidy was looking up at me with a beaming smile and a twinkle in her bright blue eyes. She had clearly swallowed all of my load.And she most definitely."What do I get when it turns out this whole story is true?" I demanded.Despite the cold air, Kent and I thoroughly enjoyed our blowjobs. Every so often, one or the other woman would look up to make eye contact with the man she was blowing, and then do the same with her husband being blown. The women sucked, slurped, licked and teased our cocks for what seemed an hour. It was probably more like ten or fifteen minutes, but nobody was looking at a watch. Though Jan's technique was excellent, Anne is truly an expert. Kent was the first to start making little noises in his throat. Anne redoubled her efforts, while Jan continued her leisurely pace. Soon, Kent was visibly distressed, valiantly trying to delay his pending orgasm. He tried to slow her down, but Anne merely batted his hands away and clutched him tighter. Anne's antics and Jan's determined rhythm were having the desired effect on me as well. Kent was waving his arms wildly now, as if trying to maintain his balance.They finished playing the round and picked up their bags to walk to the parking lot.While most Kama Sutra guides focus on feats meant for the truly acrobatic—fun to try but perhaps not sustainable—it’s also important to look at how your favorite sex ...
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And then Ia felt the runerod pressing against her pussy lips. All it would take, she realized, wet and shaking like a leaf in a rainstorm, was one little shove. Just a little thrust. Anything. She stared deep into Elly's eyes, totally lost in desire. Elly was beaming at her. That was good. It was good that Mistress was happy with."No room for fighting," the redhead agreed, beaming at him. "No room for thinking! No room for, um... for resisting! N-no room for... for...nnn.""How?" I put my hands up."Is that how much it costs?" Kelly asked.Jenna's lips were still parted, and she was flushed and sweating. Her nipples pushed against my dress through the flimsy material of hers, and I told myself to get away from her. But my body wasn't listening and my mind was racing. Christ, she was hotter than Becca, and I had no doubt she was interested. Or was she? If this was some kind of game and I asked her back to our house, there would be hell to pay. I considered turning to look at Doug, but knew he would be of no help. If anything, he would beg me to bring her home—But Mistress got to come all the time. How could she be wrong when she was so smart? How could Ia be right when she was just a stupid, horny bimbo?The Uber Ride- Erotic Story"So how come you guys are here?" she asked. "Doesn't seem like your kind of crowd."
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For the first couple of days, I wondered if Cassidy was avoiding the topic. Maybe she was embarrassed. Then one day I came back from a workout and Cassidy was in the kitchen.The girl groaned in despair."I'm not a knight," she panted, "not a knight, not a knight—""I'm sure they are. They've been waiting for us to get home." Was Anne's comment."Only if you wanted me to," he said. "And I'd take a cut."I cried out when she reached my ass and gave it a hard squeeze. She had lifted the back of my skirt up, and I heard several whistles behind me and a guy calling out, "Nice thong!"
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"What?!" she interrupted, playfully exasperated. She finally looked up at my face and her dazzling blue eyes met mine. "You jerk off, I use a vibrator. Sex is a totally normal thing, there's no reason to hide it." Her fingers were now gripping me more deliberately, my cock still lubricated from the lotion I had been using and the previous tingling from my near orgasm quickly returning."Well, maybe we can do this again sometime," Kelly said, getting to her feet. "If you want to, that is," she said, kissing him, her tongue pushing into his mouth. "I don't mind.""Hmmm," Jenna moaned. "I took them off, just before I came to see you at the bar. See how bad I want you?""You're joking!" Tom said."Oh...God...Yes...Oh, fuck! Yesss, fuck me...oh yeah!""I know, thanks for saying that," she said dejectedly as she tossed her keys and her purse onto the kitchen counter. "But a deal is a deal. You can cum on my face.""You were jerking off," Cassidy said matter-of-factly.Shocked by Kelly's brazenness, John lifted Kelly's skirt to find that she had no panties on and that her naked ass and pussy were pointing right at him. He could see a drop of moisture dripping from the end of Kelly's engorged clit as it stuck out from between her pussy lips and he knew that she was really excited.

Anne and I were Swingers."I'm sorry I ever said anything," Karin said, sitting back down. "You look wonderful, dear. It's nice that you're so comfortable with yourself and your family."Read More »"Thanks for letting me cum on your face," I replied."Yeah, true," she plowed onward hurriedly, "But it's worth a thousand points. That's huge, I mean really huge. Some things in a scavenger hunt are worth ten, some things tonight even are only worth fifty. And this one is a thousand, and it's totally doable, unlike some other things on the list where you either know how to find them or you're screwed... anyway, some of the other teams have couples on them, which is totally unfair. Some of them saw the list and rushed right off to the bar bathroom.""We both know how impossible that is," John told her. "It's just not worth getting caught for."
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"Damn Kelly," he exclaimed, his hands moving to cup both of her big full tits, his fingers finding her nipples and squeezing them. "You are very beautiful and your tits are really nice."When I was done cumming, Cassidy whispered, "Jerk."He tried to close his eyes, to look anywhere but her eyes of molten gold, but she held him there, just as she held his hand on the mug, just as she held his cock in her slender fingers and continued to slowly edge him towards bliss.He was practically gasping for breath, now, taking in more and more of the delectable scents. He slid further back against the wall. Had to fight... had to flee... had to fuck..."Yeah, I rather just get it done with so I can know I lived up to my end of the bet. You can do it however you want," Cassidy offered, her bright blue eyes never leaving mine. "I can help you out, or I can come in your room, or you can go watch porn and just let me know when you're ready. I can get naked or whatever, I just don't want to mess up my clothes or any of our furniture.""Harder!" urged the boy. "Okay, you've killed them, but your nipples are still burning from the stings. The stingers must still be in your nipples. You'll have to pull them out." The groaning girl tugged hard at her nipples, but to no avail. "You can't get them out with your fingers," the boy told her, "you can't get a strong-enough grip. You'll have to use your teeth. Hurry! Your nipples really hurt! Use your teeth to pull the stingers out!""What!" John exclaimed, staring at her.I just could not believe what was happening. "Cassidy, what are you doing?" I asked.
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"Okay," I replied weakly. "How are we going to do this?"I tried to tell myself not to be a pig about it. She was much cleaner than my old roommate, which I liked, and she didn't constantly borrow my groceries. She also offered me leftovers from her dinners, and she was a pretty decent cook. We had separate bedrooms and separate bathrooms, so when I got a little too interested in her attractiveness, I would excuse myself and spend some time reading or watching tv in my room. She watched horrible reality tv shows that were all about drama between women, but other than that we got along okay. Still, it was easy to try to tell myself to calm the fuck down when Cassidy looked particularly sexy getting ready to go out at night, or even leaving for work in the morning. It was a different matter trying to hide my erection when she bounced her way onto the couch in short shorts and a virtually see through white t-shirt, flashed me her dazzling smile, and then changed the channel to something on the E network.Elly leaned in very, very close. "I think the reason you aren't giving in," she cooed, “is that you like me doing this to you. But there's one thing you don't know...""Cassidy," I tried to warn as her warm mouth continued to slide up and down my pole, "I'm going to cum."He groaned and then John saw that he was cumming, filling Kelly's mouth for the second time that evening as she eagerly gulped the cum down. Kelly sucked and gulped until there was nothing left for her, then gently licked and sucked his cock clean before letting it drop limp from her mouth."Ia's so strong," Elly cooed, "she won't even mind if I do this!"
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Jan had moved back up beside Anne. The guys were working their nipples, sharing both women between them. Anja went for Anne's pussy first. Everyone's attention turned to Anja's busy mouth."Oh, honey." I cooed. "Oh, look at you!""What are you doing?" Anne asked, surprised."Oh, later!" Jenna giggled, then caused me to gush in Doug's face when she added, "And tomorrow morning will be even better! God I love to fuck in the morning!"A long moment went by. She seemed quite distracted trying to cool the mug's contents off. Okino's heart was pounding."John, you don't mind watching me have sex with your sister?" Tom asked.She giggled, "Just Kent, Silly!""Oh, Jenna," I whispered as my fingers pushed deep inside of her hot and incredibly tight young slit.

"You do want this, don't you?" she asked quietly, her fingers never stopping their gentle rubbing on my slippery manhood. "We made a deal, and I still owe you one from what you did for me this week." Her blue eyes searched mine as her finger closed around my shaft and started jacking me in earnest. Her eyes were so beautiful, and her small, pink nipples were such a turn on for me to see."It's not that she can help," John explained, "but she could be the instrument of your revenge."The four of us headed out to our respective homes and back to our “normal” lives. Lynn and I talked and shard that neither of us had any regret over that we had done and wanted to pursue adding Chris and Melissa to our love making in the future. We got home and after we settled back in after our weekend, Lynn and I had some of the most passionate love making we had in years. We now have truly some of the best friends we could have ever imagined. We get together often to hang-out and every once in a while, we set up the evening where we either all share a night together or once in a while we completely swap partners for the night. The openness and constant dialog between Lynn and I regarding our sexual desires and fantasies have brought us closer and our sex lives are more satisfying that it had ever been. This summer, the four of us are planning to take a cruise to the Caribbean where we will be staying at one of those “adults only” resorts… who knows, maybe after that weekend ill have to write another story.Not."Not yet." Murmured Kent."You better be," I replied with a laugh.
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"It's so big!" Jenna cooed.Jenna began to yelp repeatedly as Doug relentlessly slammed his prick into her. There was some discomfort in those yelps, but much more pleasure and the sight of her blue eyes bulging from her face, sent my recently relieved pussy back into gear.She started to say something, but fate smiled on me again when a ballad came on. Not giving her a choice, I put my arms around her neck and began swaying slowly in time with the music as I stared into her eyes. She seemed nervous but was breathing heavy with her eyes fixed on mine. In an instant, I knew the first part of our plan had worked; she was all mine. We remained silent for a moment. Her, I'm sure because she had no idea what to say, and for me, it was simply enjoying not only our breasts pressing together but looking at Doug over her shoulder.The rivers of pleasure were exploding inside me, flowing through my cock and getting close to overwhelming me. I reached down and gently took a handful of Cassidy's soft, straight, red hair. She did not flinch or move as I wrapped her silky strands around the tip of my member.And just like that, Ia's world melted away. Emptiness filled her formerly full cunt. The fairies started teasing her again on her feet and breasts.Ia could only scream as her systems were utterly flooded in pleasure, perfect, complete. It was pleasure mixed with a strange sense of completion she had never felt before, not with all her years of living with the alchemy, all her years of denying herself. She'd never thought of it as denial back then—she'd had sex all the time back home—but somehow, this was different. She'd never been made to submit before, never been made to feel how good it felt. Instinctively, she knew that she would never feel this good again."Even if you....""This place isn't about proper. It's about fun!" She laughed. "Besides, you weren't caring about proper with that redhead!"

"We'll see," she said as she stood to leave my bathroom."You have really pretty eyes," she said softly.If I didn't know her age for a fact, I would swear this wasn't an nineteen-year-old I was dealing with. She sure as hell wasn't the Little Miss Innocent Doug and I had envisioned her as. Even though I knew I shouldn't do it, I started to imagine what those perky little tits would look like and how her long legs would look wrapped around Doug's waist.Jan scooted off the sink. Sticky white cream was smeared all over the counter beneath where she'd been seated. More trickled down the inside of one lovely thigh. Janet picked up the towel she'd dried off with and wiped away the evidence of our morning encounter."I thought so!" Elly purred, giving Ia's neck a little tantalizing lick before pulling away. She pouted her lips at Ia, as the catgirl's lips down below drooled and dribbled with yet another orgasm. Elly's self-control was unbelievable—the only sign she had come was the little sparkle of bliss in her eyes. Ia was desperate to feel that way. "My little Ia loves being teased, doesn't she? She wasn't wanna come, because coming means she's been a good girl." She giggled. “And she's too smart to be a good girl!”"I'm sure he would like to meet her," Tom laughed. "I'll say something to him for you, if you'd like."
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*****"That's pretty open-ended," Jason said.THE END."Well, do you?" she persisted."Or if I knew some older guys that had more experience they could probably tell me how to do things that they like," Kelly went on.There was no mistake that Cassidy was moaning with arousal like she was losing her mind. The thing that really alarmed me is that it sounded like two distinctly different male voices were coming out of Cassidy's bedroom. The banging on Cassidy's wall was so loud that it almost sounded like someone was punching the wall with their closed fist. I considered for a brief moment that someone might be hurting my roommate.She crossed her arms below her tits, pushing them out even more, and after staring at them for a moment and imagining what it would be like to suck on them, to watch Doug play with them, I leaned over and blurted out, "We'll pay you!""You got any problem with that, Jason?" he asked.
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